Cavalera Barber Shop

An exclusively male space to take care of the beard, hair and mustache, inspired by the lifestyle of Los Angeles last.
The traditional and intimate setting is perfect for the rescue of this ancient and charming habit, where the concept old-school care, hair and beard cuts, the knife, complete with heated towel and foam are the trademark.
Good conversation, good music and cold beer harmonize to that experience.


The concept

In the barbershop, the goal is to cut the hair and shaving classic shape and relax. Men who value a comfortable environment in a vintage atmosphere, seeking not only a cut well done, as a unique experience.

Joining the traditional techniques of shaving with the inclusion of important care, day by day, many men do not dedicate themselves to the ritual is a process that lasts about 30 minutes.

The concept of the line is in the rescue of a culture of “modernly classic” that mixes the tradition of the old barber shops, antique chairs with wood, leather and reclining iron. Razors and hot towels, with the latest in cosmetics, ie, ointments, creams and special shampoos for hair and men’s beards.


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